1. Her Name Is Love
  [TW] "The bones of the song were mapped out whilst recording 'All Around Me' for the Tale
album - which no doubt accounts for it's psychedelic

[MW] "Yeah, had fun with this -  unadulterated psych culminating in one of Tom's best ethereal harmony fade

[TW] "We each worked  out a lead guitar part for the break but weren't sure which of them to use, so
  bizarrely, we used both of them

2. Standing In The Rain
[TW] "This was
the  last song we recorded for JRML. and is a journey of the mind
featuring  weather conditions, seasons and reasons - it isn't the first and it
won't be the  last if we have anything to do with

[MW] "Ha ha!  Its really a sun and rain song, a
shifting rythmn and a pretty oblique lyrical  journey. A typically quirky piece
from Tom."

3. For The Good Of Your Soul
[MW] "On this track we inserted the backward guitar to bridge the bridge, so to speak, and
  threw in piano stabs for good measure - there are two basses throughout - one
  acoustic and one electric playing the same notes to get the undercurrent we

"We  had a good laugh singing and layering the backing to this - we
wanted to capture  the energy of the driving rhythm. This is the album
figurehead - a real joy ride."

"I'm old enough to know we've only
got  one life - so lets enjoy it!"

4. Running Out Of  Time
[TW] "A look at the superfluousness of religion today - what was understandable in medieval
  times now seems totally outdated (he preaches!)"

[MW] "Unusually for us we gave an all electric backing to the song which augments it's anthemic nature  -
happy with the guitar breaks and the middle eight sections particularly- we
  ended the song abruptly just when you'd think it would continue - running out
of  time...."

5. A Stone's Throw Away
[MW] "This was one of the first songs we worked on with the Joy Ride on Memory  Lane 
project in mind and it took us out of the stream - Arcane
ing - and back on to the straight and narrow - well, 

[TW] "It's really just a singalong number that you could take home to your granny! We each wrote
a  section for it and the line-up is quite typical of our early sound -
  all-acoustic guitars and a tambourine dominant percussion section - plus
  harmonies of course."

6. Roundabout
[TW] "Roudabout  really came together once we worked the intro/extro piece into the song. It's
  sometimes difficult to get a recording down that does justice to the orginal
  concept you have in your head, but I think the result stayed pretty much
  faithful to the orginal idea here."

[MW] "And it gave me an excuse to play some good-time piano - it was that sort of melody, couldn't
  resist! In fact I really enjoyed working on this song from start to finish."

7. Sixty Eight
[MW] "From despair  to expectation, boredom to creativity, poverty to elation - farewell to
  teenagedom. Turned out to be a great year! It''s really cooking by the last
  chorus - pleased with the recording of this

[TW] "It's a song I remember from my childhood having first heard it on an old reel-to-reel tape. Loved it
  then and really glad we got a chance to record it."

8. Andromeda
[MW] "I've always liked the idea of ambiguity in paintings - like Escher with the wierd
  perspectives - and the shifting of one form into another depending on  how you
view it. The lyrics are quite impressionistic - I found myself  taking a surreal
journey here through a world within a  world."

[TW] "You really must stop doing that...  The sound conjures up a land of green and gold to me.

9. She Doesn't  Care
[TW] "I was idly strumming a couple of chords in the studio..."

[MW] "...as I wandered in and started singing a melody - the song developed from

[TW] "The verse and chorus all came about pretty quickly and I was still strumming the same chords
  by the end. A mood piece that is amplified by the emotion of the

10. Real World
[MW] "It's all about losing yourself in the throes of creativity where the laws of time are
  suspended and the world comes alive. We kept the backing quite simple to get an
  open, airy sound."

[TW] "This song contrasts nicely with some of the fuller songs. Always enjoy playing
  a walking bass on a folk-jazz fusion, - you can play just about any note and
  it'll fit the chord somehow!"

11. The  Chase
[TW] "Not sure how to describe this exactly - jug band music for

[MW] "It's an observational flight of fancy..."

[TW] "Ah yes, of course it is."

12. Magic  Lantern
[TW] "It's really  a culmination of all that has come before - all the uncertaintly is laid
bare in a cathartic blaze of emotion whch finally frees the spirit."

"We aimed 
to create a backdrop to reflect this kind of self-questioning and I think we
  got the sound we wanted, which is half the battle in such trips of the mind.
  After all - this is psych, folks!"
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